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Construction and functional fiber cement panels
Living in natural surroundings

Today, timesaving and cost-effective building plays an ever-increasing role. So-called drywall construction materials progressively conquer areas of application. In principle not wrong, provided that the quality of living remains preserved.

From the start, Cem Trade products are fitted out consistently with perfect service properties as long life, pollution-free building materials, healthy living climate, particularly with regard to attractive total cost.

Through the base material Cemval fiber cement panels are not attacked of molds and spores - without any special coating. Also moisture can not harm the panels. High sound insulation and very high strength are further positive attributes.

Reliable weather protection and the possibility to meet high thermal insulation values as a compound element, show the array of different applications.

Industry partners appreciate the high reliability of our products. This will be ensured by a targeted quality management.

Our construction and functional panels can be used universally. Some types of them are designed specifically for areas of application like indoor and outdoor uses, moisture-proof and fire protection applications. The variety is rounded off by certain industrial applications such as electrical engineering or shipbuilding.

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