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Cemval Wisto
Under roof panel and facade membrane

Cemval Wisto is a compressed, autoclaved fiber cement panel. Cemval Wisto is weather- and frost-resistant, non-combustible, breathable and waterproof.

This stable fiber cement panel is nailed and used as an under roof panel or as a protection for the insulation of a facade. These applications meet the requirements of increased windproof and fire protection.

Cemval Wisto is easy to handle and protect the building safely even if the actual roofing or facade mounting will be undertaken some time later.

When installed as insulation or under roof, this fiber cement panel ensures a lifelong and stable protection against water ingress and increases the fire protection of the building.

Applications for Cemval Wisto
as weather protection, inter alia, to protect the building safely even when construction times are longer or interrupted.

Technical data
standard sizes: 2500 x 1250 mm; 2440 x 1220 mm
thickness: 6 mm; 9 mm, 12 mm; other thicknesses on demand
weight: 6 mm thickness ca. 7,86 kg/m²

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