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Cemval Protect
Fire protection - lightweight and durable

Cemval Protect mainly consists of cellulose-reinforced calcium silicate and mineral fillers. Specially treated components are used as high-quality aggregates for this calcium silicate panel. Although this panel is extremely lightweight, it has an exceptional high flexural strength.

Cemval Protect fire protection panels do not contain additives such as formaldehyde or hydrofluorocarbons. This calcium silicate board is absolutely non-combustible, durable and resilient.

Moreover, this panel has a high moisture balance behavior. For new buildings and renovation Cemval Protect is ideally suited.

Applications for Cemval Protect lightweight construction, partition walls, ceilings, composite panels, reinforcement panel, cabinets, refractory industry, dryer and industrial furnace construction, apparatus etc.

Technical data
standard sizes: 2500 mm x 1250 mm; 2500 mm x 1200 mm
thickness: 4,5 mm; 6 mm; 9 mm; 12 mm; 15 mm; 18 mm
weight: 9 mm thickness ca. 8,8 kg/m²


Do you already know our functional non combustible Panel Cemval Protect, available also in 4,5 mm and 6 mm thickness? Lightweight but stable - and easy to handle!

Also called:
• Calcium silicate 6 mm
• Fiber cement board 6 mm
• Non combustible panel 6 mm

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