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CemTrade products
Cemval fibercement panels and CemTrade accessories

Cemval fiber cement panels meet today's market requirements for many years:

All Cemval fiber cement panels are free of toxics and evaporations, the production requires low energy consumption. Besides this, Cemval fiber cement panels are construction products with very long life.

All Cemval fiber cement panels are fungal spores and mildew resistant by nature. They have an effect on moisture dispersant and feature high sound insulation values. Therefore, our panels provide a natural and healthy indoor climate.

Our throughcolored facade panels are captivating because of their natural look, the unique appearance is highlighted by its changing and inhomogeneous surface. Each building receives an architectural elegance, coupled with robust functionality. Nonpareil optical highlights can be set with our Cemval Fassade Oxydarium panel, which we produce in manufacturing quality. Both versions provide a veritable impression, outdoors and indoors.

All Cemval fiber cement panels have a very high strength at a relatively low weight. The material is robust, but easy for working on site: It can be machined precisely with normal tools. The panels are durable, non-combustible and can be used universally. The individual Cemval product groups are specifically designed for certain applications in exterior, interior, moisture-proof and fire protection. Besides certain industrial applications, the functional Cemval fiber cement panels are favoured by furniture and shop designers: as a carrier material because of its natural state, or for flexible surfaces, for example with laminated or tiled tops.

Quality assurance
Industry partners appreciate the durability of our products and their high reliability, which we ensure through a targeted quality management.

Matched to a multitude of possibilities Cemval fiber cement panels offer attractive solutions for different requirements, also with regard to the total cost. Depending on the application, CemTrade offers systems that support the optimal use of Cemval fiber cement panels. Talk to us, we would be happy to help with words and deeds.

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