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Cemval Silva
The best of wood and cement - cement particle board

Cemval Silva basically consists of pretreated wood chips and Portland cement as a binder. The cement-bonded chipboard is weather- and frost-resistant, flame-retardant and safe from insect infestation.

This universal board is also resistant to fungi and mildew. The most vulnerable mushroom species for building constructions, such as cellar sponge (Coniophora Cerebella), Poria and Trametes Versicolor Vaporaria, can not harm.

High nail and screw pull-out resistance are additional features for the high functional value of this cement-bonded chipboard. For other dimensions, edge formations and flame-retardant cement-bonded chipboards, please contact us.

Applications for Cemval Silva
as weather protection, dormers, ceiling covering, formwork systems such as lost formwork, farm buildings, floors, greenhouses, covers for planting tables, root protection, fertilizer warehouse, earth storage, ventilation ducts, chutes, feeders, pen barriers, interior and exterior wall claddings, shutter boxes etc.

Technical data
standard sizes: 3200 x 1250 mm; 2800 x 1250 mm; 2600 x 1250 mm
thickness: 8/10/12/14/16/18/20/24/28/40 mm
weight: 8 mm thickness ca. 11,2 kg/m²

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