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Cemval Protect - Interior
High strength, lightweight, non-combustible

Cemval Protect - Interior consists of pulp and autoclaved fiber cement with lightweight mineral fillers, reinforced with glimmer. Although this panel is extremely lightweight, it has an exceptional high flexural strength.

This functional building panel is long-lasting and durable, its indoor use very versatile. In addition to wallpaper and paint, it is suitable, for example, as a carrier material for HPL, wood veneers and tiles. Due to its sanded and resistant surface, it can also be processed without any further surface treatment. Through its high pH value it is naturally mold and fungus resistant and therefore highly suitable for use in humid environments. It does not decompose and remains stable. Moreover, this panel has a high moisture balance behavior and is suitable for new buildings and renovation.

Cemval Protect - Interior panel is classified with building material class A1, non-combustible. The fire load will be reduced by its use.

Applications for Cemval Protect - Interior
drywall construction, wall coverings, ceilings, composite panels, ventilation shafts, carrier board for HPL, wood veneer etc.

Technical data
standard sizes: 2500 x 1200 mm; 2500 x 1250 mm
thickness: 4,5 mm; 6 mm; 9 mm; 12 mm; 15 mm; 18 mm
weight: 9 mm thickness ca. 8,8 kg/m²

The panels having the German national technical approval according to EN 12467, certification number Z-31.4-169, and the CE-certification.

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