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Cemval Fassade Oxydarium
Metal oxide at its best

Due to the special manufacturing process, every Cemval Fassade Oxydarium panel developes a customized look.

Coloring metal oxides are already involved in the matrix of the raw material. By activating other components, metal oxide forms also at the surface.

The result of this fine-tuning is a variety on the surface that gives every panel a distinctive look: the surface can take on different color shades, splitting and flaking, mineral elements or metal oxides can keep up flowering. Likewise, drain marks can form as we know from corroding metal plates, such as Corten steel.

Depending on customer requirements, dark rolled steel surfaces, rust-red oxide colors and even partially metallized surfaces can be manufactured. All types are free of toxins and have a long lifetime.

In comparison to massive metal plates, Cemval Fassade Oxydarium panels are lightweights with a grammage of 14,4 kg per m². The workmanship on standard subframes can be undertaken by normal facade-laying companies.

Technical data
standard size: 2500 mm x 1250 mm
thickness: 8 mm; 12 mm; other thicknesses on demand
weight: 8 mm thickness ca. 14,4 kg/m²

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